Why Lotus


The Lotus Difference

Decades of Experience

At Lotus Growth Partners, we are applying the fundamental lessons learned from decades of practical experience building, transforming and growing businesses and their people.

Unique IPO Process

Our proven Infinite Potential Optimization process as applied to the integrated individual and business stands out as truly unique and differentiating.


Developing new habits and practicing new skills takes time. Our team at Lotus Growth Partners remains accountable to you throughout the process and, as needed, for future refreshers.

Vision, Mission & Values


We co-create a better world with our clients by empowering them to discover and unleash their infinite potential.


We are driven to expand the impact of our clients by helping them achieve increasing levels of personal and professional success. We do that by following a disciplined process that empowers our clients to clarify, align with and activate towards continuously ascending goals.


Integrity, Excellence, Compassion and Purpose are at our core. We value the indivisible purity of intention and method.