Optimizing Your Individual Potential

Achieve your goals


At Lotus, we believe everyone is capable of incredible growth. To unleash that potential - we focus on the fully integrated individual. In other words, the person you are outside of the office is the person coming in to your work each day. Our mission is to help you achieve the optimal combination of self-mastery, performance effectiveness and leadership. It's that powerful sweet spot where all three facets of life overlap, operate and catapult you to greater levels of achievement. Research shows that individuals average a 300% return on their investment in coaching.

Our Process

"Leadership is a choice,
not a position." - Stephen Covey


"The journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step." - Lao-Tze

IPO Process® for Individuals

Our Infinite Potential Optimization (IPO) process is designed to renew itself as we unleash your personal and professional growth at higher and higher levels. With each new leap forward, the goals we set for the future grow in scope and ambition. It's an infinite iterative approach to transformation and achievement. This disciplined process is customized to each Individual's needs.Scroll or click each step to read more...


Our relationship begins with a comprehensive intake process in which we build a thorough set of insights into who you are and how you got to where you are presently. We'll ask plenty of questions, because understanding you is the foundation of our work together as we move forward.


Our next step is to build a vision of the future. We will work with you to crystalize your short, medium and long-term objectives. Listening to you is paramount in this step. Building a road to success depends on understanding where you are going.


If there were no impediments to unfettered success, we would all be the highest and best version of ourselves. However, real life does get in the way. Sometimes by our own doing. We'll work with you in this step to identify and verify real (or perceived) roadblocks and develop strategies for dealing with them.


Big things come from small things. In this part of the process, we'll focus on what's real and what's within your power to control. We will help you dispose of myths, develop new habits and design new systems that promote your ongoing growth. This is quantum construction of your future self!


Growth is about doing, failing, learning and doing again. Truly integrating a new way of being takes practice and repetition. It won't always be pretty, but it will lead to future growth. We'll help keep you accountable for ongoing execution of your plan.