Optimizing Your Team's Potential

Deliver Greater Results


"Management must enable the enterprise and each of its members to grow and develop as needs and
opportunities change." - Peter Drucker, The New Realities


At Lotus Growth Partners, we believe every business has the infinite potential for growth and success. Results today largely depend on how you attract, retain and advance your highest producing asset – your people. Increasing the performance capacity of your team is your biggest challenge and your biggest opportunity. Your desired outcomes are found in following a disciplined process to optimize the teamwork, decision-making, innovation and engagement level embedded in your organization. Research shows that businesses average a 700% return on their investment in coaching.

Our Process

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision, the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to
attain uncommon results." - Andrew Carnegie

IPO Process® for Businesses

Our Infinite Potential Optimization (IPO) process is designed to renew itself again and again as we tap into your business goals and vision for the future. With each new leap forward, the potential for future growth continues to expand. New markets, new employees, new revenue. It’s an infinite iterative approach to transformation, growth and results. This disciplined process is customized to your business needs at each stage of your expansion.Scroll or click each step to read more...


Our relationship begins with a comprehensive intake process in which we build a thorough set of insights into your business, your team and each of its members. We’ll identify the ideas, belief systems and relationships that shape not only what you do, but how you do what you do. We’ll ask plenty of questions, because understanding you is the foundation of our work together as we move forward.


Our next step is to build a vision of the future. We will work with you to crystalize the short, medium and long-term objectives for your business and your team. Listening to you is paramount in this step. Building a road to success depends on understanding where you want to go.


What needs to happen for your team to be operating at peak effectiveness? Where are the cultural, organizational or interpersonal disconnects? Whether real or perceived, we’ll identify the impediments inhibiting your success and develop strategies for dealing with them.


New systems lead to new results. In this part of the process, we’ll focus on what’s real and what’s within your team’s power to control. We will help you dispose of myths, develop new patterns of communication and behaviors, and create the high-performing culture of your choosing.


Change takes practice. Practice includes doing, failing, learning and doing again. It won’t always be pretty, and it will take time to become rooted in your business. Nevertheless, this is how you transform. We’ll help keep you accountable for ongoing execution of your plan.