Mindful Leadership

Dorothy DiMedio, July 2018

Leadership is a choice, not a title.  It is, after all is said and done, a way of being.  More specifically, leadership is a way of understanding, harnessing and implementing the power of influence you have in yourself to create immediate impact and compel positive change in yourself and in others.

So, you might ask “what does mindfulness have to do with it?”  Consider this – If you are not mindful, can you really know yourself?  And if you don’t really know yourself, how can you lead yourself?  And if you cannot lead yourself, how can you lead others?  Leadership, therefore, starts with understanding and mastering yourself.  Frequently, this means understanding how you may be helping or hurting the issue at hand. 

Ray Dalio, in his book “Principles,” calls it being a hyperrealist.  It is embracing the reality of what is, not what should be or what you wish it were.  Only then will you have a foundation for making good decisions and achieving positive outcomes.

With that solid foundation in place, what if there was a tool that promoted clarity, creativity, innovation and better decision making?  Even better, a tool that also provided for effective conflict management and coping with failures?  The good news is that these are all scientifically proven results of mindfulness practices.  By essentially developing these three skills, you can lead yourself and your team to incredible heights:

1. Observe what is going on in your mind and body: sensations, feelings and emotions;

2. Create the space for observation and recognition without reaction;

3. Be fully engaged and intentional about your choice of action.

Sounds simple, right? But this isn’t easy and takes practice. The benefits, however, are worth the effort.  Better decisions, increased performance, higher engagement, long-lasting results. Here’s to your journey!